It’s hard to live up to being perfect, especially from our cat’s perspective. Cats will most likely be driven crazy by things that we do. Of course, if we’re being bothersome, cats may hide their feelings or simply walk away. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do as much as we can to keep our feline friends happy, however. If you’re worried about what you could be doing that annoys your cat, The Refined Feline has got answers.

#1: No Routine

You may not know it, but cats are creatures of routine. Sticking to a set schedule of events throughout the day can decrease your cat’s overall stress levels, leaving your cats happier and even healthier. Cats with dramatic environmental changes are twice as likely to become sick than cats who have a set routine, according to studies. Cats prefer routines just like their dog counterparts but also thrive more when you’re sticking to a schedule. Sticking to a routine would include feeding your cat at the same time every day, and coming home around the same time. Even cleaning the cat litter box cabinet at the same time every day is also helpful! We know this can become troublesome at times to maintain, but if your cat appears unhappy, this could be one reason why. Having routines will help ensure you’re not driving your cat bonkers.

#2: No Noise Control

Cats have an extraordinary sense of hearing, and it’s reported to be about five times better than humans. A cat’s ear contains about thirty muscles, while a human’s ear only contains about six. Cats earn the first place trophy too, as they can hear better than dogs! But this high sense of hearing also amplifies all the noises and sounds we make. If you enjoy cranking up that music while you’re cleaning, your cat may seek shelter somewhere else in the house. Depending on the volume you have it set to, the music may hurt your cat’s ears as well. This is easily a major pet peeve for cats as we often forget this huge difference between felines and humans. Make sure your cat has their own space to go & get away from all the noise if you really want to turn up the volume in the house.

#3: No Rest at Night

We all know that cats sleep a lot during the day, typically more than half the day. And when it becomes night, your cat will continue sleeping, most likely snuggling up with you. However, if you’re the type who consistently tosses and turns throughout the night, this may be too much for your cat. Your cat may become irritated having to readjust every time you move. Your cat may not bother staying on the bed for the night but would have preferred your company. Try sleeping on your back for a more comfortable sleep for both you and your cat. Using a form of white noise like a sound machine or a fan can help keep you asleep. Having a well-regulated temperature in your bedroom can also improve your sleep and resist your need to readjust. If you adjust your sleeping patterns slightly, it could mean a happier cat and an even better sleep for you.

#4: No Boundaries

This activity is highly important to change if you’re guilty of doing it. Cats live by a lot of boundaries, and breaking these rules can make your cat upset with you. They’re especially not going to be very happy when their personal space is broken. We know it can be difficult though when you’ve been away all day and can’t run over and hug your cats! However, you can end up building better trust with your cat by respecting their boundaries. Cats can regress in their relationships when they are constantly put into positions to do things that they don’t want. They may gradually want less and less attention from you or others and become less of a social butterfly over time. Forced affection does more harm than good so be sure to give your cat attention when only they want it. Your cat will recognize you’re paying attention to their needs and will help build a better bond between the two of you.

#5: No Carriers, Please!

We all know that most cats aren’t pleased with going into a carrier or a crate. Cats would prefer no carriers in their lifetime, but we all know that’s unavoidable, especially for vet visits. Why most cats hate the carrier is because it signifies a trip, which is oftentimes highly stressful for them. Although this common pet peeve can’t be avoided for felines, there are ways that you can make it more enjoyable. If the carrier is less associated with a trip to the vet or a big move, your cat may be less afraid of it. Instead of only bringing out the carrier for vet visits, leave the carrier out all the time so your cat gets comfortable with it. Place a super soft blanket inside so they can use it as a daytime bed for naps. If your cats need some enticement, sprinkle some treats or toys inside so they’ll check it out. Your cats will soon learn a carrier can be more fun than just the usual traveling stresses. You can make loading them into the carrier much easier and less fear-inducing for them as well when using this method. Your cat may even come to love their carrier over time!

Keep Away From These Pet Peeves

Doing your best to steer clear of these pet peeves can help you build a better relationship with your cat. You will most likely be spending more quality time with your cat instead. Pretty soon you will be able to say you’re not guilty of one or more of these pet peeves!

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