The tops on the Aqueon and Tetra tanks seemed a lot bulkier, featuring recessed traces with no obvious purpose etched along the plastic lid. We appreciated the sleek appearance of the Elive kit’s single-panel glass lid but discovered it tense to remove, as we didn’t need to put a pane of glass on a hard flooring but in addition didn’t want to get any aquarium water on a rug. To get a better sense of the most effective tools and practices for starting and intermediate freshwater-aquarium owners, I spoke with a number of specialists for guidance.

Grease Gun, Grease Cartridge, Oil Can, Drum Pump, Oil Gun, Grease Gun Accessory

So, hold test kits handy and always out there throughout the house premises. Aquarium ammonia poisoning, nitrite poisoning, and nitrate poisoning are real issues and scary issues you’ll face in the aquarium. KH, also called “total alkalinity” or “carbonate hardness”, is a measure of the buffering capability of the water in your pond. The buffering capability refers to how well it could resist changes in pH. How to use? The Life by BiOrb is a recent shaped aquarium with curved edges, which creates a calming focal point in any room.

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