The versatile AquaClear design also leaves a ton of room for personalization for extra skilled aquarists who would favor more ceramic rings and fewer activated carbon or who want to use a complete new medium altogether. If you’re keen on the thought of an underwater jungle and need to have a planted tank, the Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Automated LED is vivid, versatile, and by far the most effective light we tested. With RGB and 7,000 K daylight LEDs, it gave off the brightest light in our exams by a wide margin. And the Finnex model’s light was an unpolluted white, unlike the blue-tinted glow from the Nicrew—a purely aesthetic distinction, but a nice one. The Eheim Jäger includes a blue temperature selector ring on the prime of the heater, the place it’s easy to learn and modify from above. We prefer having the power to adjust the heater manually while seeing the temperature selector change from the identical perspective.

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