Lively, affectionate, intelligent, and fearless. So cute that it’s impossible not to smile when looking at how energetic these creatures are. Their love of life and dedication to the trusted owner are immense. This may leave any person in awe. And who are we talking about?

Yes, it’s all about Maltese dogs. They are so adorable that even cat lovers, who are quite often not fond of dogs, get charmed by these pets. Let’s have a closer look at what is so special about Maltese puppies.

Breed Description

These dogs have rounded skulls, floppy ears, and a black button nose. Dark brown eyes stand in sharp contrast with their white coat. It was discovered that the Maltese were specially bred by Roman emperors, who preferred to have white-colored puppies. White was important to the Romans, and they wanted to own pets that could demonstrate sacredness and divinity.

The origin of the breed name though is still unknown. Some people think that it is derived from the name of the island of Malta. Yet, many researchers continue to question this suggestion.  

Nature of Maltese Puppies

This breed is considered to be a family dog. Maltese are very kind and affectionate pets. Yet, if you want this puppy and, perhaps, you have found a reputable dog breeder already, you need to be prepared that they can be extremely hyper. Their energy level is high, and they can run back, forth, and in circles.

However, amidst revving up, they can calm down and have a nap, within the blink of an eye. They are playful, and this trait of their character can be successfully used when you want to train your puppy.  

Maltese Breed Characteristics

Puppies of this breed adapt well for apartment living. As we mentioned before, Maltese are family dogs, so they are friendly with kids. However, it is important to understand that their tolerance for being alone is quite low. They are social pets, and staying away from their beloved owners is hard for them to deal with.

As for the grooming and health needs of Maltese pups, we should mention that the drooling potential is low. Yet, because their fur is white and long, they do require a lot of grooming. The purebred puppies are hypoallergenic, which is often very important for animal lovers, who are eager to get a pet without worrying about their health.


Breed name Maltese
Place of origin South-Central Europe
The emergence of the breed Around 6,000 B.C.
Type Toy and Companion
Weight range Up to 7 pounds
Height 8 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder
Lifespan 12 – 15 years


Maltese are sweet-tempered and elegant dogs. They can be more than a companion or a toy. A puppy of this breed may become a good friend for you and easily turn into a therapy pet. These dogs are sprightly and will cheer you up any time you feel down. Puppies are easy to train since they are intelligent and love to play.

Still in doubt whether you want to be the owner of this fluffy adorable Maltese bundle of joy? Make sure to find a reputable and ethical dog breeder, get professional advice, and choose yourself a great loyal friend for life.

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