He and a neighbor reactive dog obtained in eachother’s faces however no one was harm, thank God, however it was a scary jiffy. My answer, until anyone has a greater one, is to put a second, comfortable (non-Martingale) collar on my canine along with the primary 2, this manner I even have something to grab if he will get off. I have spent a fortune training him, but when he gets into the red zone all bets are off. As a quick release for people in wheelchairs whose canines are attached to them. I attach the carabiner to my leash so if my canine is actually freakin out I can attach him round a tree or iron fence.

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I too have had many situations where I’ve yelled ‘My dog is NOT user friendly! ’ to the individual whose canine is barreling at full velocity to come ‘visit’ my dog and they were unable to call their ‘trained’ canine off. When my dog reacts they act like I shouldn’t be allowed to take my canine for a walk in public! MY canine isn’t the one that’s off leash and charging into the face of a wierd dog – MY dog is the one that’s on leash and simply trying to take pleasure in a quiet walk. Carabiners might be my favourite dog strolling device of all time.

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