Animals are unpredictable beings that have a mind of their own and can stray even when camped on a site. In the process of darting out, a lot of car accidents impossible to avoid can occur, only when there is insurance can both the car owner and animal owner be free from the financial crisis caused by the event. There are views on other damages that can be covered by car insurance on

Car insurance not only covers for animal damages as a result of collisions from accidents, but also covers damages inflicted by rodents, and unruly animals. Car insurance is one of the best insurance policies one should consider signing up for. Below are animal damages covered by a Car insurance policy;

1.      Car-Animal Collisions and Roadkills:

If by accident, you hit an animal while driving, your car insurance would likely cover for the damages inflicted on your car, the animal, you, and passengers of your vehicle if there are any. If in the cause of transportation, you hit an animal, make sure to investigate the state of the animal’s wellness from a safe distance, inspect your car for any serious damage and call the authorities if the need be.

2.      Bites and Scratches Caused by Rodents

Rodents have the habit of chewing wires, steering wheel, and tearing seats. If an animal goes ahead and inflicts these kinds of damages on your car, car insurance can help cover for damages. Ensure that proper inspection is made before making use of such a vehicle. You can also avoid such occurrences by parking your car somewhere else or catching rodents.

There are animal damages that car insurance doesn’t cover, they include;

  1. Damages caused by pets are not usually covered by car insurance; it is thus advisable that car owners create an environment for their pets to avoid such occurrences.
  2. Damages caused to personal belongings inside the car: if an animal finds its way into your car and wreaks havoc on your belongings, it is likely car insurance wouldn’t the damages on your belongings but only on your car. Your belongings can be covered under another insurance policy regarded as home insurance.

The coverage of animal damages by car insurance is handled based on the type of animal and its ownership. Pet owners are liable for their animal accidents so also some other animals with owners, examples of these animals are given below:

1.      Deer:

Deer are one of the most common animals being hit on the road and the resulting damage from such collisions can be severe. In the event of this, the car insurance policy can cover damages.

2.      Pets and Small animals:

Damages caused by birds, dogs, or cats are not covered by car insurance but by pet owners. The owners are liable because they are responsible for taking care of their pets.

3.      Cows:

Hitting a cow would cause substantial damage to a vehicle, but the damages aren’t covered by the insurance company but by the animal owner because a cow shouldn’t be found wandering on the road. You can file a claim with your insurance company but they would help surrogate the claim and go after the animal owner.

When getting your car insurance, ensure that all coverage is verified so that if the unexpected happens, you can be able to file a claim and get covered from the financial loss incurred.