There are several reasons to use a collar for your dog. First, in order to identify him, you can hang an identification medal provided by the city (often mandatory). Then, it serves as a tool when educating your dog. In the classes, it is mandatory and at home it allows us to keep him attached to teach him tricks and commands. Also, some decide to use it to go for a walk and hang the leash on it. Finally, it can be a fashion item par excellence!

Type of collars

There are several types of necklaces, some are more recommended than others. The martingale collar is mostly used for dogs that have a head smaller than their neck. These necklaces have no fastener and look like choke collars but much more beautiful.

We also find the flat necklace, in all kinds of colors and materials. 

There are flea collars which a lot of people find ineffective. You can also look at GPS collars to track dogs that constantly keep running away.

Collar size

It is important to have a collar of the appropriate size for your dog. To do this, simply measure the circumference of the widest part of the dog’s neck. You don’t have to use a tape measure, you can use a rope, a lace, anything and then measure the length on a ruler. To ensure you have some margin of error with respect to size, add 5 centimeters to the measured length.

If you can’t run 2 fingers between the collar and the neck, it’s a sign that it’s too tight. A necklace that is too loose, on the other hand, will not be safe. 

The thickness of the collar should also be proportional to the size of the dog. A small dog will have a thinner collar whereas a large dog can wear a much wider collar.


You have to choose the collar according to the activities you do with your dog. This will impact the useful life of the collar selected. 

Nylon (flat or rope)

Nylon is strong. It is recommended for dogs with sensitive skin. Nylon is lightweight, washable and inexpensive. 


You have to be careful because leather that is not protected can absorb moisture. It then becomes more fragile. Some dogs are also allergic to leather. On the other hand, leather provides an elegant and quality look.

Water repellent properties

This is a collar that will not absorb water and humidity. It is therefore ideal for dogs who love to swim or go for walks on rainy days. On the other hand, the material is more rigid around the dog’s neck.

2 materials are mainly used to make a collar, namely Biothane or elastomer. Biothane is a registered trademark to name a strap coated with thermoplastic polyurethane thus offering great resistance to wear and water. It is found matte or shiny. Elastomer is in the same family as rubber. 

Natural materials

What is vegan leather made of? Cork and hemp are often found in natural fabrics. Hemp textile is antibacterial and almost entirely resistant to UV rays. Hemp fiber is the most resistant and rigid there is. Hemp items are a guarantee of sustainability.  

Cork is often used as vegan leather. Its structure is not only resistant to liquids and gases, but also in contact with them, does not react chemically and is not subject to accelerated wear. Cork also retains flavor and odor neutrality as it does not absorb odors. 


For martingales, there is no attachment in itself. Flat collars can have a snap or a belt clip to hole. 

Snap fasteners offer better control of the size of the collar, which is adjustable with the straps on the side. There are usually made of plastic and metal. The metal ones are heavier whereas those made of plastic can be weakened by extreme cold temperatures. It’s best to prioritize stainless steel or brass.

Belt-style fasteners are stronger, but less adjustable as holes are static. 

There are also pliers and carabiners. Clamps are often used for collars that do not fit at all and they are usually made of metal. There are also more and more models that come with carabiners that are very resistant and quite practical. 


Selecting an appropriate leash is also very important and we cannot say enough on the advantages of retractable dog leash models. Here’s a great review of the top 5 retractable dog leashes available in the market.

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