Dogs are great companions to keep around the home. What can make this experience even enjoyable is when your dog can obey simple commands. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

Controlling a dog can be quite difficult because, like humans, they also come with their personalities. And some people believe that puppies are more easily managed than full-grown dogs.

However, this is not entirely true. The main problem with teaching a dog commands is how patient you can be. Dogs aren’t humans, to begin with. And you should also be aware that they can’t get it all figured out on the go. You can look to BritainReviews for more on this.

Thus, if you are bent on ensuring that your dog becomes less rebellious and a good citizen of your family and environs, patience, and determination are some traits you should possess to ensure the smooth sail of the whole process. And don’t forget to check out this list of pet insurance companies. The dividends of getting your dog(s) insured can’t be over-emphasized

Below are 5 essential commands you need to teach your dogs.

1. Teach Your Dog to Sit

This is regarded by many people including pet experts as one of the foremost and essential commands your dog needs to learn. This ensures that your dog gets to be calm when you want it to be, especially at mealtime.

You can do this by holding a treat close to its nose and then slowly move your hand upwards as your dog complies with the motion. This will align its body in a sitting position. Then you say the word “sit” once fully in the position and then give it the treat and lavish it with affection. Repeat this method over and over again until your dog just needs to hear only the word to know what is required of him.

2. Teach Your Dog to Stay

Your dog could constitute a nuisance to guests. This is where the “stay” command comes in.

You can first get your dog into the sitting position, then put forward an open palm and pronounce the command while moving some inches away in the process.

You have to keep practicing until your dog learns to stay for a long time without moving from its position. Don’t forget to lavish it with affection whenever it gets it right during training.

3. The “Come” Command

If your dog can stay, it should also learn to come when you want it to. You can start by tugging on its leash when you say the command. When it begins to get it right, you can increase the distance between you both until you can successfully order it while you are both entirely in separate rooms.

4. “Leave it” Command

You can teach the “leave it” command by enclosing two treats of various degrees in both palms. First, attempt to grab its attention with the less appealing of the two, but be reluctant to let it have it no matter how much it fusses around the closed fist. Say the command and try to take away the fist. As soon as it heeds and looks at you, present him with the treat in the other fist.

Continue to teach this until it gets a hang of it and only needs to hear the words to know what is meant.

5. “Down” Command

Hold a treat close to its nose. And as it follows the motion of your hand, take it down to the floor and drag the hand forward. This will put its body in a submissive posture. Say the command and encourage it to stay that way. A couple of sessions will help your dog learn this command well.

Teaching your dog these commands helps to improve the relationship between you both. However, it should be noted that these commands might take a while for your dog to learn properly. Thus, patience and continuous training are encouraged.