“Ideally, you wish to have a dog stroll with nothing on,” mentioned trainer Annie Grossman, co-owner of School For The Dogs in New York City. But because it’s not an ideal world—and many locations require dogs to be leashed—you should have one of the best tools and use them correctly. “You don’t drive like a maniac because you use a seat belt,” Grossman said. With a unique O-to-D-ring, front-clip design, this harness corrects pulling by redirecting pup from the core, gently and effectively. Add some positive coaching to this child & take pleasure in happy walks ahead! This elegant dog collar and leash set will turn heads because it tasks magnificence, consolation, durability and empowerment.

Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses Market Overview

A harness differs from a collar in that it takes the pressure off of your dog’s neck and distributes it either across his chest or back, depending on the design of the harness. The primary advantage of a harness, then, is that it prevents injuries to your dog’s trachea, especially if he tends to tug on the leash. Another advantage of the harness is that it offers you larger management over your dog – this is also a benefit if your dog is huge or overly lively. Our products allow you to hold your canines, cats and pets safe in two methods; identification and control.

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