This blanket has been furbished with robust layers that make this blanket durable mattress clothing. This is yet another outstanding characteristic of this blanket. That means you’ll be able to snuggle in it should you wish to take a nap or take it with you outside for heat in cold weather. Whether you are planning tenting or want to go on a picnic, this blanket will serve you completely well in all instances. Its additional softness, heat, and comfort will provide you with an exquisite sleeping and enjoyable expertise.

Oval Waterproof Canine Bed Cowl With No Inner For Oval Basket Basket Not Included

Hold the corners of the blanket and quilt and shake both a few times so the duvet unrolls. Tying the loops retains the weighted blanket from sliding around inside the duvet cover. You should see the quilt cowl strings protruding along the edges of the duvet. You’ll tie these to the loops on the weighted blanket.

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