So, if you would like to put coconut shell in the tank, then boil the hole, water, and flesh-free in addition to sanded shell for a while until the yellowish or brownish tannins go away. To be sincere, if you are excited about putting the coconut shell directly into the tank, then don’t. The tannins present within the coconut shell will deteriorate the standard of aquarium water. While cleaning the tank or tank gear, you will want a sponge to assist you.


Just make sure you clear the stones correctly every time you clean your aquarium. If you need to have a green mattress in your aquarium, you should go for these plant seeds by Petzlifeworld. These seeds are to be placed with the sand on the bottom of your aquarium depending upon the depth of greenery you need. With ample mild and moisture, these seeds will sprout up into tiny crops that may cover the aquarium mattress.

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