When choosing an auto body shop for your car, you need to be sure that the mechanics are well-experienced in the make and model of your vehicle. The longer the shop has been in business, the better the quality of work it will provide. Also, look for a professional shop with helpful and courteous mechanics and staff. There are many different factors to consider when choosing an auto body shop, but these four tips should help you make the best choice.


Online customer testimonials are a great way to compare auto body shops. They can provide helpful insight into the company’s operations and pricing. Those reviews can also help you determine if a shop is right for your specific needs. Additionally, you can learn about a company’s customer service history and reviews. Since businesses change over time, it is always best to read more than one customer testimonial. This is also a great way to gain customer trust.

Check an auto body shop’s customer service and cleanliness before entrusting your car to them. Cleanliness and well-maintained facilities are important factors for comfort and quality work. Make sure the staff is friendly and knowledgable about the repairs, like in the auto body shop Denver, CO. Ask if they’ll be able to explain the process thoroughly and how long it will take. Be sure to ask them for references so you can check the quality of their work.

Legitimate feedback platforms

There are many helpful customer testimonial platforms online, but there’s a difference between genuine and fake reviews. The first one, a verified feedback platform, allows customers to post real testimonials about a specific service or shop. This ensures the information is accurate. The second one, a user-generated platform, lets people post comments and reviews about a particular business, such as Auto Body Review.

There are many benefits to utilizing these platforms. For one thing, reviews from customers can be beneficial in determining whether a particular shop is trustworthy. Reviews are generally based on actual experiences. If you read a customer’s experience on a review platform, you can see if the shop follows up on the issues and resolves them. In addition, online forums allow companies to respond to complaints.


Before you visit an auto body shop, ask them for an estimate. Although different shops will quote the same amount of work, they may charge you differently based on your particular car’s needs. While some people believe that the quality of work is directly proportional to its price, this is not true. The quality of work depends on the materials and methods used, not the shop’s location. Therefore, the first thing you should ask is how many coats of paint your car will need.

Another way to get the right auto body shop is to ask trusted mechanics for recommendations. They will most likely refer you if they know a good auto body shop. However, you can also do your research to find the best one. For example, some mechanics may know of a good shop specializing in repairing and restoring classic cars. However, choosing a good auto body shop may be more complicated than you think.


Labor rates in auto body shops are low, and they are tied to unethical repairs, high turnover, and an unstable financial operation. While the average labor rate is $40 or less, some shops remain stuck at that low level. However, one shop owner, Dino DiGiulio, believes that he has a solution to the labor rate problem. He believes that the low labor rate keeps technician pay low and that raising labor rates will help attract talent to the industry.

Labor rates vary from shop to shop, but the average labor rate is $75 to $130. Labor rates are generally higher at dealerships. However, many shops offer special deals and cheaper rates to suit specific vehicles. In addition, you can ask about their customer service. After all, the service you receive from a dealership is much better than a local shop. After all, you’re paying for the dealership’s reputation for quality.

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