There are plenty of reasons, each as individual as the next, why you may choose to bring a pet into your home and what is more, essentially adopting another member of your family.

The third most common type of domesticated pet in the United States, as in the United Kingdom too, is the humble bunny rabbit and so, with this in mind, here are the top three best reasons to choose rabbits as your pets.

  • Bunnies Are Incredibly Affectionate & Loving

The first thing to know about rabbits is that contrary to the thinking of people who have never had one in their home, they can be the most affectionate and loving animals you could hope to keep.

Naturally, as rabbits are prey animals, their instincts tell them to be incredibly wary of anything and anyone, so to experience the love a bunny rabbit is more than willing to give to a human they trust, you need to earn it. When people keep rabbits in tiny hutches, the bunnies become depressed and will have no desire to show you any affection whatsoever (and frankly, why should they?). 

  • Bunnies Are Great for Your Mental Health

Naturally, as a prey animal, even though rabbits are indeed capable of making a wide array of different noises and making sounds in different pitches and tones, they are automatically wired to remain silent so they do not attract predators. As a relevant aside, the prey nature of rabbits means that they will try to conceal if they are feeling poorly or they have a physical injury, so always be sure to take them to a reputable vet, such as, if you suspect that they are unwell.

This peace and quiet surrounding rabbits is not only the ideal situation for them, but also serves as a relaxing and safe space for people who need recharging quiet time regularly, and, therefore, bunny rabbits are absolutely brilliant companions for those who suffer with their mental health

  • Bunnies Both Need Your Attention & Their Own Company

In equal measure, domesticated rabbits need and crave their human companion’s time, attention, love, bonding, and snuggling time with their bonded bunny partner, as well as solo time to recharge and rest.

If your professional commitments mean that you need to work out of the house during the day every weekday, then bunnies make the perfect animal. If you keep them in pairs, so they have company and affection from their own kind, they will be perfectly content pottering around the room without you.

Always make sure, whether you are in the house at the time or not, that you have thoroughly bunny-proofed the rooms in which they have free access, there are plenty of bowls with fresh water dotted around your home, and that your bunnies always have constant access to fresh and high-quality timothy or meadow hay. Once you’ve taken care of these issues, your pet will be in a safe environment while you’re out of the house.

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